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Get Your Survey Analysis Job Done Here!

The survey process has many distinct parts, several of which require statistical or psychometric analysis. Our team can assist with all of the quantitative parts of the survey research process, including specifying the initial survey, developing the sampling plan, conducting psychometric tests for reliability, validity, and power, and analyzing the data from the responses.

Our survey development process begins with a consultation to understand the constructs you are interested in measuring. We work with you to operationalize your variables and constructs for future analysis, and to make choices such as whether or not to use open-ended or free-response questions, or using a Likert scale versus other options. We can also analyze data from a pilot study to test for preliminary reliability and validity of the instrument.

Once the responses to the survey have been received, we can conduct the statistical analysis based on the pre-determined methodology. We provide high quality survey data analysis services to help you uncover significant findings within our survey data and illustrate those findings through a wide range of charts and tables, which can be easily understood and interpreted. One of our key commitments is to analyze your results and break the results into meaningful segments that can be used as the basis for key decisions. We understand that every individual has different requirements and different objectives to fulfill that need. In the past we have worked with scholars and researchers from different areas and we had the opportunity to offer consultation services on many aspects of survey data analysis. Our team of data analyst and statisticians can help you in analyzing any survey. We are familiar with all of the standard quantitative methods most commonly used in evaluating the responses from survey research. We are also experienced in qualitative analysis, and therefore can explore themes in open-ended research questions, frequently utilizing the qualitative analysis package Nvivo, ATLAS etc.

We are very familiar with the leading online survey tools, including SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang etc.. If you are using either of these tools, we can help via inputting the survey into the tool for you, or downloading and collating the data outputs. If you are unsure of which survey tool to use, we can suggest which would be best for your particular study, and can do all of the back-office work for you.

We provide survey help with the following services:

Assistance with choosing and justifying the appropriate survey instrument
Assistance with the IRB approval process
Helping administer the survey instrument online using a popular survey system such as SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang etc.
Helping identify target demographics and formulating a participant population
Assessing reliability for your sample or population
Scoring and interpretation
Collecting the data
Cleaning the data
Creating the composite scores
Providing help in selecting the appropriate statistics
Examining the assumptions of the statistics
Interpreting the findings
Creating tables and figures that describe the findings
Explaining the findings so that the graduate researcher can write-up the summary and recommendations
Ongoing support for the results and research defense preparation.

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