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Statistical Thesis/Article Assisting

The recent proliferation of online Universities offering PhD degrees (such as NCU, Capella, UoP, etc) has led to the situation of students often being ill-prepared to complete the thesis process without seeking outside assistance from a thesis consultant who is familiar with the specific processes followed at these schools. We help these students to save thousands of dollars in tuition, while graduating months earlier than their peers. Offering thesis help to students is now one of the top priorities of our firm.

Over the past several years, we have helped thousands of masters and doctoral candidates to complete their thesis, with many being offered the opportunity to have their work published in journal articles soon after. We consider ourselves to be teachers and not doers, and our entire thesis consulting process encompasses that mindset. We also work closely with researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing it in a peer-reviewed journal.

Every step of the way, we will remain with you as your dedicated thesis/article consultant, assisting you with all steps of the process, including

Topic selection
Finding the relevant articles for your background research
Developing the literature review
Establishing and operationalizing your hypotheses and research questions
APA editing of your proposal and final dissertation
Quantitative and qualitative data analysis,
Defense Preparation including a Power point Presentation to use at your defense
If your committee is giving you trouble, we will be your teammate.

We provide ongoing support throughout the entire process. We can demonstrate how to interpret the results, provide ample instruction on the methods used (and why) and what the results mean, suggest reading materials for you to greater understand the particular analytical methods used, give you a PowerPoint presentation with the main points of the results, and allow unlimited email and phone support to ensure that you completely understand the results of the analysis and can discuss them freely. This includes preparation for the defense and peer review process.