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Econometrics involve the formulation of mathematical models to represent real-world economic systems, whether the whole economy, or an industry, or an individual business. Econometric modeling is used to analyze complex market trends (the demand function) to determine the variables driving the growth or shrinkage of demand for a product or service. Econometric models are used to decipher the economic forces that affect supply and costs (the supply function) within an industry.

Times-series analysis, cross-sectional time-series analysis, structural-equation modeling, input-output analysis, Markov-chain analysis, and multiple regression are some of the techniques used in econometric modeling. Many other statistical and mathematical tools are employed as well, depending on the nature of the econometric task, in the development of econometric models.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting is an area of Statistics dedicated to the study of observations that present time or space dependence. Analyzing Time Series appears in different fields, such as: Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Meteorology, Hydrology, Economics, Political Science, Energy, etc.

Our experienced consultants can be your best choice to seek help for your econometric modeling and time series analysis problems. Our experts are capable of providing you econometric and time series analysis solution through every analysis software available in common use.

We can assist you with econometric analysis including but not limited to:
• Specification of an econometric model
• Testing model assumptions
• Estimating econometric models
• Testing hypotheses
• Evaluation of alternative economic policies
• Other econometrics methods / models

We can assist you with time series analysis including but not limited to:
• Univariate and multivariate time series models
• Box-Jenkins methodology
• Structural time series models
• Estimation and forecasting
• Other time series methods/models
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