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Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a way to communicate models and ideas that can have a strong influence on business outcomes. Graphics make shapes and trends visible which lead to a mental model and foster better recall. Especially with interactive visualizations one can develop a deeper understanding of underlying models and dynamic behavior. The idea is to visualize data and create insight which can then lead to better decisions.

Immense volumes of valuable data are rapidly piling up. Organizations need ways to more easily interpret and take action on it. Static data tables and charts are dead. People need visual storytelling to more quickly gain insights in a simple and meaningful way. When you can make the data tell a visual story it becomes intuitive and engaging. Effective data visualization of your data provides actionable information for informed, forward-looking business decisions. The benefits of data visualization include but not limited to:
• faster path to answers
• unexpected discoveries
• improved business understanding
• increased return on analytics
• increased analytics maturity
• improved resource prioritization and utilization

Our consultants are available to provide you with assistance in the use of graphics and visualization packages, the development of custom computer graphics tools, the application of graphics algorithms, and the conversion of data into effective graphical representations.

The goal of our graphics consultants is to make the production of scientific visualizations as effective and straightforward as possible. It is often helpful to discuss your project with a consultant and together define a connection between the underlying phenomena and a feasible visual display which effectively communicates it. The consultants may help familiarize you with appropriate software or specific techniques and provide information on computer graphics principles and algorithms. Our consultants can help you with production of images or animations for use in the classroom, at workshops or conferences, for delivery on the web, or for publication, and with conversion of file formats, processing of image or model files. Our consultants are all well competent in writing scripts or graphics programs, and taking on an active role of collaboration by working on long term projects which have a graphics component.

By turning data into visuals, we can help you discover trends and gain valuable insights. We have extensive experience and reputation of creating many beautiful and powerful data visualizations for clients from diverse disciplines including computer science, statistics, machine learning, NLP, and social science.

Our data visualization consultants primarily use the tools like Python, R, Javascript, SQL/Redis, D3.js, infovis (data visualization), Qlikview, Spotfire and Tableau for making your data to speak through graphics.