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Bio statistics/Survival analysis gets its name from the fact that it is often used to look at how long people will live, and to see what influences that. Do women live longer than men? Do people who take aspirin live longer than those who do not? and that sort of thing. But it can be time to any event. We could look at how long prisoners stay in jail, how long patients stay in the hospital, how long couples stay married, or any other variable that is a time. The key reason that we need survival analysis is that these data are often censored. If, for example, we were looking at how long couples stay married, we could select some couples, and follow them over time. But some couples won’t get divorced before we finish our study. Similarly, some patients won’t die during our study, and so on.

We have long working experience with hospitals, government agencies, academic and research institutions, and private corporations on biostatistical analysis or statistical interpretation of biomedical testing. Drawing on a team of highly skilled biostatisticians from an elite group of professors and academic researchers, our bio-statistics consulting offers consultations and expertise on a range of relevant areas to researchers.

These consulting services include assistance with design and analysis of clinical trials, design and analysis of observational studies, design and analysis of surveys, assistance with public databases, sample size and power calculations and data analysis and interpretation.

We have vast experience with the analytic procedures typically used in biostatistics research, such as:
• Kaplan-Meier Life Table Analysis
• Cox Regression
• Structural Equation Modeling (as implemented in MPLUS, AMOS and LISREL)
• Multilevel Linear and Nonlinear Models
• Bayesian Analysis based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods