About Us

We are a Switzerland and Algeria based Statistics & Applied Economics Consulting services provider with more than 10 years’ reputable experiences of working with numerous clients from diverse backgrounds in academics and industry.

We provide a wide range of services from simple to very complex statistical and economic analysis of data in any field. We also provide consultancy services to designing surveys; experiments; and data collection. What makes us different from others is a core specialty in solving academic, business and other research problems requiring statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques which are often beyond the scope of the client's internal staff.

Our client family includes graduate students, universities, research organizations, small/large business firms, companies in diverse industries, and government/non-government organizations/agencies.
Our consulting teams include highly qualified and experienced experts from both academics and industry and this makes us confident to offer best solution to your problem irrespective of where you come from, academy or industry.

As well as our industry consultants help our clients from industry, our academic consultants helped in setting best appropriate statistical methodologies and analyzing data for hundreds of M.Sc/Ph.D dissertations and journal articles in past years.

As having our stations in both Europe (Switzerland) and Africa (Algeria), we are the very first company providing services for designing survey and collecting data in Africa. We can be your solution partner to build bridge between Africa and rest of world for you. We can work for you to collect and analyze your data on African demography, economy and market.

We have experts capable of communicating in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and Chinese. No matter which part of the world you are from, we are always ready to communicate you and provide your required services.

We believe in quality and we provide the best.

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